In Memon Communities Okhai Memon Jamat holds it's great importance .It was established on 1880 A.D.The Services of this Jamat are continue till today. Okhai Memon Jamat was established in 1880 AD & was registered under societies Act XX1 of 1860.   The main objective of Jamat is to maintain Peace & Unity in Okhai Memon community & enendeavour for economic & social upliftment of the community. In Karachi the total number of members of OKHAI MEMON Jamat are 8441(according to annual reports 1997-1999).

To work for the unity of the community members, to endeavour for economic  and social upliftment  in the community and also promote Islamic ideology among the members and protect their civic rights.

To achieve above noted aims and objects following step will be taken :

1. To implement the projects, which the Managing board deems fit time to time for social economic  development of the community.

2.  To build school, colleges & Boarding houses to promote education among its member & to provide or arrange educational aid to the student, also promote those activities, as suggestion by the Managing Board.

3. To take step for social development of the members of the Jamat.

4. To protect civic rights of the members & represent the jamat in the local Government as Managing Board suggests.

5. To protect civic rights of the members & represent the jamat in the local Government as Managing Board suggests.

6. If necessary & possible to establish manage & operate dispensaries, Hospitals, Maternity homes, training institution for cottage industries, Sanatorium, orphanages, guest houses etc. or to aid in their operation.

7. If need arises to safe guard community business interest and promote commercial education among the community, to published magazines and newsletter for the promotions of literature in the community.

8. To co-operate with other organizations of the community and to coordinate and support all effort for unity among the community.

9. Take appropriate measure for prevention of unemployment in the community.

10. To work for eradication of wrong and lavish customs and strive to promote simple and Islamic living in the community.

11. To collect and manage conditional donations and zakat for use in the welfare purposes, also to establish Baitul Mall if needed and feasible.

12. TO strengthen the position of jamat and increase its revenue make purchases of catering furniture & immovable properties, also issue these furniture’s items & properties on hire.

13. To make arrangement for burials in the community.

14. A part from above, to take all necessary steps towards betterment of the community, which the Managing Board deems fit, from time to time.

15. The income of the Jamat will not be utilized for the purposes mentioned above.

Okhai Memon Jamat Khana Memon Society.

  Okhai Memon Intermediate Girls College Memon Society.

  Hajiani Zulekha Ali Muhammad Gaba Computer center Memon Society.

  Madarsa Taleem-ul-Quran Memon Society.

  Okhai Memon Academy Memon Society.

  Hussain Ibrahim Sports Complex Hussainabad F.B Area.

  Haji Yousuf Ali Muhammad Suriya Girls College Hussainabad F.B Area.

  Haji Qasim Gaba Library and Study Center Hussainabad F.B Area.

  Haji Usman Ali Muhammad Gaba Computer Center Hussainabad.

  Abdul Karim Ganatra Computer Center Chadnichowk.

Mr. Adam Suleman Gaziani                                                   1946-47

Mr. Abdullah Tayyab Gaba                                                   1947-48

Mr. Arbi Haji Gatta                                                               1948-49

Mr. Ghani A. Karim Panjwani                                                1954 ---

Mr. Latif Ebrahim Jamal                                                        1954-57

Haji Muhammad Ahmed Vayani                                            1957-65

  Mr. Muhammad Khamisa Gaziani                                        1967-69

Mr. Abdullah M. Hussain Gutta                                             1969-71

Mr. Abdul Karim H. Adam Ganatra                                        1971-75

Mr. M. Hussain Tar Muhammad Darbar                                  1975-77

Mr. Abdul Karim H. Adam Ganatra                                        1977-79

Haji A. Sattar H. Dawood Moorad                                          1979-83

Haji A. Sattar H. Tayyab Vayani                                            1983-85

Haji Yousuf Ilyas Barai                                                         1985-87

Haji A. Sattar H. Tayyab Vayani                                            1987-89

Haji A. Sattar M. Yousuf Gatta                                              1989-91

Haji M. Siddiq A. Karim Kath                                                1991-95

Haji  A. Sattar H. Tayyab Vayani                                           1995-97

Mr. A. Sattar Karim Suriya                                                   1997 ---


Abdul Sattar Abdul Karim Suriya.                                        President

  Abdul Hameed Yousuf Markatia.                                        Vice President

  Abdul Razzak Muhammad Vayani.                                    Hon. General Secretary

  Wali Muhammad Yousuf Barai.                                         Joint Secretary

  Zain-ul-Abideen Tayab Panjwani.                                       Treasurer

Mr. Abdul Sattar Abdul Karim Suriya

Mr. Abdul Razzak Muhammad Vayani

Mr. Zain-UL-Abideen Panjwani

Haji Usman Haji Yaqoob Karar

Haji Abdul Sattar Haji Tayab Vayani

Mr. Muhammad Anis Usman Gaba

Mr. Gulam Hussain Yousuf Markatia

Mr. M. Hussain Hashim Vayani

Mr. M. Dawood Ahmad Vayani

Mr. Abdul Razzak Usman Vayani

Mr. Abdul Hamid Yousuf Markatia

Mr. Wali Muhammad Yousuf Baria

Mr. M. Ismail Ibrahim Gatta

Mr. Saleem Haji Usman Vayani (kirya)

Mr. M. Farooq Tar Muhammad Ganatra

Mr. M. Iqbal Suleman Gatta

Mr. M. Hanif M. Usman Mohammadi

Mr. Abdul Salam Ismail Mamdani

Mr. Abdul Sattar Yousuf Gatta

Mr. Abdul Razzak Ayub Suriya

Mr. Muhammad Usman Dawood Gatta

Mr. Abdul Rehman Ganatra

Mr.  Muhammad Iqbal Yousuf Gaba

Mr. Abdul Sattar Muhammad Essani

Mr. Haji M. Siddique Kath

Mr. H.M.Hussain Tar Muhammad Darbar

Mr. Abdul Karim H.Adam Ganatra

Mr. A. Rasheed Qasim Karar

Mr. Muhammad Hussain H. Umer Ghaziani

Mr.M.Farooq Tar Muhammad Vayani

Mr. Yousuf  Tayab Karar

Mr. Muhammad Tahir M. Shafi Tuberia

Mr. M. Yousuf H. Muhammad

Saleh Muhammad Adam Gaba

H. M. Yousuf  Magroria

Dr. Abdul Rasheed Ebrahim Vayani

Mr. Muhammad Hussain Abdul Ghani Aswani

Mr. Abdul Razzak Umer Mohammadi

Mr. Abdul Latif Ebrahim Jamal Ganatra

Mr. Yaqoob Yousuf Ganatra

Mr. Wali Muhammad M. Hussain Darbar

Zonal Committee Hussainabad Mr. Iqbal Suleman Gatta 2578676 6323495-6346572
Zonal Committee Gulzar-e-Hijri & Okhai Plaza
Mr. Farooq Tar Muhammad Ganatra 6692229 8142738
Zonal Committee Chandni Mr. M.Ismail H.M. Ebrahim Gatta - 4991616
Store Committee H.E.S.C Mr. Iqbal Suleman Gatta 4853207 0320 4325434
Store Committee Memon Society M. Yousuf  Magroria 746970 742871
Social Welfare Committee Mr. Abdul Salam Ismail Mamdani 5681161-5682171 6331455
Education Committee Mr. Abdul Sattar Yousuf Gatta - -
Samadhan Committee Mr. Abdul. Sattar Essani - -
Internal Audit Committee Abdul Rehman Ganatra - -
Lawazim Committee Mr. Muhammad Tahir M.Shafi Tuberia     4540951-55      EXT,311 7524171
Publication Committee M. Hussain Hashim Vayani - -
Grayard Committee Haji Usman Haji Yaqoob Karar 2311943 -
Hajj Committee Haji Abdul Sattar Haji Tayab Vayani - -
Okhai Memon Masjid Committee Mr. Muhammad Anis Usman Gaba 2572718-2561013 5867228-2584063
Madrassa Taleem ul Quran Committee Mr. Abdul Sattar Suriya - 7525614
Sports Committee M. Iqbal Yousuf Gaba - -
Election Committee Mr. Abul Razzak Usman Vayani 6312090-6314338 8143527
Constitution Committee Mr. Abdul Sattar Usman Vayani 5610391-92-93-94 4936372
Survey Committee Mr. Abdul Razzak Ayub Suriya 7727252-7728912 4975560
Record Committee Mr. M. Usman Dawood Gatta 2411812 4978757
Construction Committee Mr. Abdul Sattar Abdul Karim Suriya 7514649-743610 742215
Computer Committee Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Yousuf Gaba 8125527 2423306

Okhai Memon Bus Schedule

Okhai Memon Jamat

Tayyab Ali Alvi Road Memon Society, Lyari Quaters, Karachi.

Phones:7514649 - 743610 - 744922

1.Hussainabad F.B Area

Office Phone:6323254



Okhai Memon Complex sparco road


3.Chandni Chowk

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