Okhai Memon Jamat was established in 1880 AD & was registered under societies Act XX1 of 1860.

The main objective of Jamat is to maintain Peace & Unity in Okhai Memon community & endeavour for economic & social upliftment of the community. In Karachi the total  members of OKHAI MEMON JAMAT are 8441(according to annual reports 1997-1999).

In OKHAI MEMON JAMAT there are 114 khundies  & the total number of consular of these kundhies are 235.

In these Khundies  "SURIYA(A)" holds its great importance. To organize Suriya"A" khundi the achievement of MR.HAJI YOUSUF YAQOOB SURIYA has been written in red letters & represent himself as a president of Khundi Suriya"A" for many years.

MR.HAJI YOUSUF YAQOOB SURIYA not only played a great role in SURIYA"A" khundi but he also  played a great role in  OKHAI MEMON JAMAT. He also played a great role in maintaining OMJ Constitution(1946).

The total members of OKHAI MEMON Suriya Khundi 'A' are 119 & the President of this Khundi is HAJI USMAN HAJI YOUSUF SURIYA.

The name of the consular of OKHAI MEMON SURIYA 'A' are given below:

1.Abdul Hameed Tayab Suriya.

2.Muhammad Hashim Adam Suriya.

3.Abdul Razzak Tayab Suriya.

4.Muhammad Iqbal Yousuf Suriya.

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